Prime Day 2019: Home Security Deals From Ring, Nest And More

It’s Prime Day—and as satisfying as it is to shop all of the sales and deals on Amazon, what if the new stuff you are buying could actually help you protect all of your other possessions?

There are plenty of great deals on security hardware this Prime Day. Here you will find a few of the best bargains on home security products.

Ring 14-Piece Security System + Echo Dot

With Ring now a part of Amazon, there are some great bargains to be found on Ring hardware throughout the site right now. One of the most impressive is this 14-piece security system that also throws in an Echo Dot. At 58% off, it’s cheaper than any other DIY security system out there—by quite a lot, actually. Usually any system under $200 comes with only a handful of sensors, forcing your costs up immediately as you have to buy more to cover your home. This kit comes with six entry sensors and two motion detectors. Add in the Echo Dot to control the entire system hands-free and you’ve got an incredible home security bargain. If you’re securing a smaller space, the other bundles are on sale as well.

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Ring Video Doorbell with Echo Dot

If you’re going to get a Ring security system, it only makes sense to go for a Ring video doorbell as well. (Plus, this one includes a third-generation Echo Dot.) Of all the modern security devices, I think that a video doorbell is one of the most practical, most useful out there. I know I use mine on a daily basis. Ring is better than ever, because you can now use the Echo Dot to talk with whoever’s at your door. Pretty handy. At $169 at checkout, this package is at its lowest price ever right now.

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Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera – 2 Camera Kit

What if you don’t want to replace your doorbell? You can get a great deal on a two-pack of Blink outdoor security cameras. They’re weatherproof, so you can mount them outside without worry. (And the battery lasts for two years, so you don’t have to bother with getting out the ladder over and over again.) These cameras also work with Alexa (Blink is another Amazon company), so you can see video on any of your Alexa video devices (including the Show, Dot, or even the television connected to your Fire TV Cube). At $99.99, they’re a full $80 off their regular price.

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Google Nest Secure

If you’d rather give Google Nest a try, there’s a fantastic $100 off deal going on right now. The Nest Secure system is different. Rather than a set of door and window sensors, motion detectors, repeaters, and dome alarms, you get a simple package with a Nest Guard base station, two Nest Detect sensors (which act as entry sensors and path lights), and a couple of key fobs. My favorite feature of Nest Secure is that you’re not locked in to the traditional “activate the system and run out the door while it beeps at you” routine. You set your system to wait up to five minutes before arming. It gives you a gentle voice reminder when it’s almost time, a blissfully low-stress option. Nest Secure works with Google’s other hardware, including the Home Hub, Nest Cam, and Nest Hello doorbell cam (and, yes, the original Nest and Nest Protect). At $299, it’s a solid deal for a rarely discounted system.