Google’s upcoming Android R spotted running on Pixel 4: All you need to know

Android R

Even as Android 10 still attempts to make its way to a majority of devices from leading smartphone makers, the internet has already started to fill up with news about Android R (aka Android 11) rolling out to new Pixel 4 devices.

The information comes courtesy of a GeekBench listing that shows a Pixel 4 running the yet to be released Android R operating system. As per the listing, the device scored 712 in single-core performance and 2181 in the multicore test on a device that features 6GB RAM the same as we’ve seen on Pixel 4.

Interestingly, the information about Android R being seen running on the Pixel 4 comes barely four months after the launch of Android 10 by Google. The OS is currently in process of adoption by leading phone makers who are slowly rolling it out to a majority of their popular smartphones.

Another interesting thing to note is that the listing calls the software as Android R. Now considering that Google has already scrapped the dessert monikers with Android 10, it would be surprising to see it move back to the same with its next version of Android.

However, it is quite possible that this is just for the developers preview as Google had also used alphabets for the preview of its previous software. The company generally releases 4-6 beta versions of the software under its developers’ preview, and this appears to be the first for Android 11.

For now, there is very little information available about the new Android version that’s expected to be made official later this year. However, previous leaks suggest that Google will be removing the 4GB limit on video recordings with the Android R update. Interestingly, this will also introduce a smarter airplane mode, which doesn’t turn off Bluetooth when enabled.

While the launch of the software will be later this year, it should be announced as a developers preview in a matter of weeks. The rollout is expected to feature beta versions being made available with the company then following it up with an official Android OS release later this year. Much like previous years, the Pixel line-up of devices would be the first to receive the new Android version.