Food security an issue as population grows: FSSAI head Rita Teotia

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) Chairperson Rita Teotia on July 26 said that the country is grappling with the twin challenges of food safety and population growth.

Speaking at the ‘CII-HUL Initiative on Food Safety Issues’, she said that there is a need to ensure quality, safety and sustainability of limited resources.

Teotia said that apart from using technology to bolster production, it should also be used to ensure safety in the entire supply chain.

She also stressed on the need for equitable distribution of food resources.

“We produce enough to feed the entire country but there are problems in  distribution,” she said.

While wasteful weddings and functions contribute to food wastage, more important is the concern of improper storage and processing.

Teotia also warned against misinformation on social media. She said there is a need to educate consumers on the risks associated with newer products and avoid misinformation through these channels.